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Video: why is online visibility is important?!

In this introduction video I explain why online visibility is important.

More clients through online visibility

Are you an ambitious coach, who helps others from a life experience, want to further a shared passion or knowledge? I believe that everyone should be able to have financial freedom regardless of who, what or where. That's why I want to help get more customers online. Online visibility is important in this respect.

Watch the video or read the transcript below!

Transcript of the introduction video of Facebook Groep Coaches grow your business online

Hey hello. I am Iwan Koenderman, online business coach. I help ambitious coaches with it expressing their why and using this on social media to become more visible and get more customers. The situation that I described above I have experienced from up close. The situation where you work hard, earns almost nothing and you can't find the customer. That situation is of course not arised one-on-one another day. But it does give you a feeling of powerlessness. Then try to find offline customers. Online offers many more options. The situation was not quite comparable to the lock down of now, but I can guarantee that it will feel about the same. So for me, online visibility is among all circumstances really important. Would you like to know more about this. I have a 5 step plan that will give you a good starting point. Then make an appointment with me.

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