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I help ambitious coaches increase social media visibility and customer base in 5 steps

with clear strategy, direction and inspiration.

Make an appointment so that you can start:

● doing business with passion again;

● communicating with your ideal customer;

● selling on social media.

I help your passion become visible online

And therefore never miss online leads again

Do you recognize yourself in this?

You work around the clock based on your individuality and passion.

You don't earn what you deserve.

No one seems to know how to find you.

With the very undesirable result:

☑ You just can't get customers, you just can't reach your customers.

☑ You feel like you're stuck, that you're not moving forward.

☑ You are asking yourself ‘why am I doing it and who for?

I hear you, you are not alone.

I'm Iwan Koenderman and I see this with so many of my customers.

This situation can very easily arise due to external factors such as:

  • lock down,
  • recessions and competition,
  • wars and the like.

Situations that you have little control over and that can have a huge impact on your customer base. At the same time, almost everyone is now online. Online marketing is also something where you almost always have control in your own hands.

It is therefore always useful to be visible online in order to get more customers. Do you want to know the small changes which can make your website be more effectively in getting customers? How can you reach your ideal customer with inspiration and effective posts on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn or other socials? With a good clear online marketing strategy that suits you. Schedule a no-obligation appointment with me for a free scan.

Helping you be more visible online

I am an dedicated online business coach, who can help you clearly define your passion, mission, your why for doing business. So you can use this as the basis for your social media strategy.

Get customers online in just 3 steps

  1. Start by downloading the free 5 step-by-step-plan; start getting customers online.
  2. Choose the program that currently suits your needs and make a non-binding appointment with me.
  3. Become proud of yourself because you have built a successful business with more turnover.

Make an appointment so that you can start:

Visibility starter

✔ Your website that generates more customers and sales,

✔ Your why expressed,

✔ Your personal brand,

✔ 1 on 1 coaching,

✔ Guidance in 5 zoom sessions.

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Start social selling

✔ Social media strategy that delivers customers,

✔ posts that work

Social media that suits you,

✔ 1 on 1 coaching,

✔ Guidance in 5 zoom sessions.

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I am totally all-in

✔ customers and sales through integrated approach,

✔ Guided from A to Z,

✔ More grip on social selling

✔ 1 on 1 coaching,

✔ Guidance in 5 zoom sessions.

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Experience personally that social selling works

As a partner in a family business that produces handmade lampshades, with a background in building websites and social media, I saw that customers found their way to us even in times of crisis. They were amazed and happy that we could help them. Price was not even an issue for them, but visibility on the internet was! I took online marketing into my own hands to find answers to my own working solution in online visibility and social media. My research and work turned into helping others do the same. And now I get to share that with the world, starting with you!

Upcoming Zoom events, which I organize online!!

I regularly organize online events. Do you want to know more? If there are enough registrations, I will give the webinar more sales online in just 5 steps. Usually in Dutch on request in English. Send me an email if you want to participate.

Watch this video by Astrid Schoonderbeek about Iwan Koenderman.

Do you have any questions, I am happy to help you:

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Iwan koenderman | Online Busines Coach, online profiler, blogger and photographer. Keywords are creativity, analytical and perseverance.