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In this introduction video I explain why your message from passion and motive is importan for your online visibility

More clients through online visibility

Are you an ambitious coach who wants to help others based on life experience, shared passion, or knowledge? I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve financial freedom, regardless of who they are, what they do, or where they come from. That's why I want to help in getting more clients online. Online visibility is crucial in this process. Your (marketing) message, driven by your passion and motivation, forms the foundation. Watch the video or read the transcript below!

Transcript of the introduction video of Facebook Groep Coaches grow your business online


Hey coach, hey entrepreneur. I am Iwan Koenderman. Sometimes formulating your marketing message from your passion and your motive can be very tough. But it's important to engage with your most nicest client on social media. And I can help you with that.


I have more than 40 years experience working in a family company we produced handmade lampshades




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Iwan has helped me to clarify my brand message to make it more short and concise which has been really useful and not only that I have actually seen him do the same thing with other people in live Zoom calls in such a very short time so I think that's really he's really talented in that area and for me it has resulted in actually reaching better my clients in social media so very cool everyone thanks a lot.

When Iwan starts working with you, he meticulously maps out the wishes and needs of your client. This way, he knows exactly how to move your target audience and which tone to strike. And besides, he's a very likable guy. Pleasant to work with.

We've had several Zoom marketing sessions with our accountability group I see Iwan's authenticity shows at helping people Market their business their coaching business and he helps people articulate their goals and marketing messages to get new clients to achieve financial independence as business owners I really appreciate Iwan's feedback uhm with our discussion group in helping business owners.

I am Iwan Koenderman be free to contact me!

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