Iwan Koenderman

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1 Who is meant by Simon Sinek??

Simon Sinek, a management expert from England, is famous for his book 'Start with Why.' In this book, he introduces his Golden Circle model, consisting of three concentric circles: why, how, and what. He explains that effective leaders and successful brands operate from the core, starting with the why, followed by the how, and finally the what.

2 What is meant by the 'why'?

The 'why' comes from the model called the Golden Circle by Simon Sinek, which consists of 3 concentric circles with 'why' at the center, followed by 'how,' and then 'what.' He argues that strong brands and leaders always work from the center, the 'why,' outward toward the 'what,' as opposed to those who do not. They go from the outside in and start with the 'what.' I always refer to Simon Sinek's 'why' to differentiate it from the internal 'why.' The 'why' that gets you up every day to go to work. Your internal motivation. Want to know what that could mean for you?

3 Can you acquire clients on social media?

Absolutely. You can do that if you articulate your marketing message from your passion, your drive, your why, and the value you can deliver to your client. By that, I mean Simon Sinek's why. This sets you apart from your competitors and makes you authentic. This is good for the social media algorithm. Your reach increases as a result. Your ideal clients will see more of you on social media. You become more visible online. If you also create content from this message that is authentic, relevant, and social, in the form of posts, contributions, videos, reels, podcasts, your customers will eventually trust you and see you as an expert. Want to know more?

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